Monday, June 16, 2008

Acute Gastroenteritis

I already petitioned to cancel all major holidays. Either I jinxed myself, or no one was listening. See Mother's Day.

Flag Day was what started it all. Will woke up, and within 30 seconds was dry heaving. Then he started throwing up. After a couple more episodes I called the doctor. She recommended 1 tsp of Pedialyte every 5 minutes. After an hour, increase a little, etc. She went over the signs of dehydration, and said if he had any to go to Primary Children's ER. After he threw up 4 more times (7 so far), we decided to take him in. He wasn't able to keep anything down, and he was getting pretty desperate for something to drink. Mike got home at 8:30, and we were off at 9:00. We got there at 9:25 and had to wait an hour and a half before they could put his IV in. (It was a busy day, at 7:00 people had been waiting for four hours). We still had to wait forever to see a doctor though. Will was obviously dehydrated, but his glucose levels were too low for them to send us home, so we got a room. At 2:00 in the morning (Father's Day) we finally got to our room. He threw up a couple more times that night, and then again later in the day. By then he wouldn't drink anymore because he really hated their sippies and we didn't have any of ours with us. They kept us one more night since he wouldn't drink, and they started up another IV. By this morning he was feeling much better, he was smiling and playing, and done throwing up! I had Mike bring one of our sippy cups from home, and that did the trick. He started drinking, and even ate a couple of crackers and half a banana. Mommy was very happy!

Will in between episodes. Clean and happy...for a few minutes.
Even feeling well enough to try standing up. Getting so close to walking on his own!

Sad little IV arm.
You know a kid is thirsty when he'll drink unflavored pedialyte from an unfamiliar (pink) sippy.

He's always been a funny sleeper, but that just doesn't look comfortable. It looks like he's in prison in that crib.
Will clutched the empty pedialyte bottle for hours. He wouldn't let it go even to play with the toys. It was very comforting to him for some reason. We couldn't leave the room since Will was considered contagious, and I obviously couldn't put him on the floor, so it was either his bed or mine. Talk about boring for a curious one-year-old.

So happy to see Daddy...and his sunglasses! And just about ripped off his ear trying to get them.

The IV was finally taken out, and they let us go home!!

I think my favorite part was when the doctor that discharged us was leaving. She said, "Sorry we put you in this cave room, we should have given you one with windows!" They had rooms with windows? That would have been nice, since we were there for two days!


Stephanie said...

another great holiday for the claytons! sorry you had to go through that. it looks like it was not fun for any involved.