Monday, April 26, 2010

How To Train Your Children

We'd never taken the kids to a real movie (ie still in the regular theater...we've done dollar flicks a couple of times), so on a gross, rainy day (ie Mike was able to take part of the day off) we took them to How To Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3D. It was pretty intense, especially for Will, but they loved it! That's the longest all three kids have EVER sat still.

I love her little crinkle nose!

She is ALWAYS putting stuff over her head and onto her neck. Glasses, pants, hats, toys, random stuff on the floor. I think it's cute!

Unfortunately for Molly, she didn't get glasses. They probably would have given her some if they'd seen how stinking cute she is in them!

Sam was completely focused. The previews hadn't even started yet! The anticipation was almost tangible. It was hilarious. He didn't move a muscle for...minutes. A new record!

Maybe if we tell them church is like a movie...only less intense...then they'll be that good on Sundays!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Goofy Children

Sam decided he wanted a bedtime video game, so (while we were in the other room) he got Mike's laptop out of the computer bag, set it up, turned it on, and found some games. He's still in preschool. I think we're in trouble!

Our cousin Ksenia came over the other day, and Will was so funny. He kept saying, "I want you to hold my hand!" They held hands and just walked all over the house together. It was so funny. Especially since Will would just as soon spit on you as look at you. He's such a monkey, but he has his shining moments!

I was vacuuming the other day (okay, I vacuum pretty much every day, but this particular day) I looked down and Molly was sucking on the bottle attached to the baby doll. She was going to town on it, and it was so cute! This outfit is sized 3-6 months but I think it was labeled wrong. Molly might be small, but she's not that small!

Happy Easter!

We had a good, quiet Easter at home. Since it was Conference we just relaxed and enjoyed a leisurely morning listening to some amazing talks. It was great!

The boys loved stuffing their faces full of candy.

Molly didn't really care very much about it, but probably because I didn't give her any candy.

Daddy...I mean the Easter Bunny...hid eggs in some very tricky places.

The most exciting part of the morning for Molly.

We went to Grandma Grace's house for dinner. Molly was not a fan of pictures on the couch!

I love these little faces!

Cute Babies!

My brother and his family were visiting from Idaho, and we got to see baby Elizabeth! She's about 7 months younger than Molly and they're about the same size. Molly is smaller than pretty much everyone. But look how cute they are!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Babies in Blue

My father-in-law has some pretty great one-liners. One of my favorites is, "Just because I'm biased doesn't mean I'm wrong." I realized I may be biased because they're my children, but I'm not wrong when I say they are SO CUTE!

Our collection of children has grown substantially since we began five years ago, and I realize that soon we'll have to stop. I've been relishing the sweet baby moments with Molly because she won't be a baby much longer. And there won't be too many siblings to follow, so I have to enjoy it while I have it! She's getting close to walking, and even though we joke that she needs to hurry up and do it, I really just want to keep her a baby forever. She has been the sweetest, greatest, most perfect baby. I wish I could just freeze time until I've had my fill. I wish I could always have that moment where she snuggles into my shoulder to let me know it's time for her nap. Or the huge grin she rewards me with simply for getting her out of her crib. Or the way she nearly shakes her high chair apart because she's so excited for her bottle. And yes, I'm crying.

More of Will's Shenanigans

Will just really loves exploring his world. Cause and effect is fascinating. Like, what happens if you dump a box of baking soda on the floor? Nothing. Until Mom finds the mess and sends you to the corner.

Or what about this one? What if you throw Mom's cell phone in a sink full of water? Nothing. Until Mom finds it and sends you to the corner.
Or what about this one? What if you throw the CO detector in the same sink full of water? Still nothing. Why is it so boring? Better throw more stuff in the sink to see if anything exciting will happen! Until you get sent to the naughty corner, of course. And for future reference, magnets and toys just plop in the water and fall to the bottom. The fun part is to see how many you can throw in before Mom catches you!

Let me tell you, being a stay at home Mom is anything but boring! Most days I actually wish that by some miracle I had nothing to do so I could do something I want to do. Ha!

Soccer Time!

Sam started Soccer a few weeks ago, and it's been so much fun! He's on the same team as his buddy Ryan, and yes, Sam is on the correct team according to grade. And yes, he's a head taller than all the other kids. That's what happens when you're HUGE for your age and you miss the kindergarten cutoff by ONE DAY. Yup.

Mike got to come, which was awesome, because Spring=Crazy at our house, and Mike will be working insane hours from here on out. Well, until June anyway.
The kids had lots of fun, I'm so glad Sam is playing soccer! I think the hardest part is keeping Will off the field because he's dying to play with all the boys. Sam loves it though, so we're all happy! And look how cute they are in their little uniforms! Jerseys? Outfits? Whatever. They're cute.

Sunday, April 11, 2010!

Mike let me sleep in. So Will ate breakfast with a shovel. It was clean and unused...and now it's lost. I'd say a win on all counts!

Can You Tell...

which one is older? They are exactly three months apart.

It's Molly!

Corbin is three months younger, but he's HUGE! It's funny how babies are so different, even in the same family. We have tons of babies in our neighborhood, it's so fun to have so many little buddies!


I got Molly's pictures done a couple of weeks ago, and she was so stinking cute I had to get a few pics before I changed her clothes. She is the sweetest baby, we love our beautiful Molly Grace!


Just another day in paradise. Will style.


I'm not sure I'll EVER have a normal picture of Will wearing normal clothes. But at least he's dressed in this one!


We finally broke down and got passes to the aquarium. There was a new exhibit since we went last, so the boys had tons of fun exploring all the new stuff! I think the electric eel was my favorite. There are some crazy animals in this world!

I just love the goofy face. Sam kills me.

We almost got a cute picture of all the kids...

Taking a "ride" on the boat...
while Sam "drove." This is his favorite thing to do at the aquarium. I don't really get it, but he loves it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, My!

Will just came in from the backyard. Naked as the day he was born. But this time was special, because he removed his poopy diaper himself, leaving it in the yard, and came in for clean up. And 8 wipes later, we're off to look for his clothes!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Will's Busy Day

I just checked on Will. When we put him in bed he was wearing jammies. Now he's wearing the bottom part of Sam's shin guards, Sam's snow boots, Sam's soccer shirt, goggles, and a hat...and his jammies. He's been a monkey today!!

A quick run down of our day (all of this, just today):

~We had playgroup at our house this morning...which is always a little chaotic.
10 kids+1 me=CRAZY!

~I'm holding Molly, talking to Mike on the phone. I look out the back door to check on Will and he is STARK NAKED running around the yard. I got him inside told him to put his clothes back on. He donned his shoes and hat and ran back out. I managed to get his diaper back on to put him in the car to take Sam to preschool.

~Will climbed into bed with Molly. Half way through her nap.

~The boys stayed at Grandma's house for a couple of hours while I visited my mom in the hospital (she finally got the plate put in her head, yay!!). I was gathering stuff up getting ready to go when I realized Will wasn't around anymore. I searched the house and he wasn't anywhere. We started to panic (there's a creek next to the house and a stream one house over), so I ran outside looking for him. He wasn't in the yard, so I started running toward the park where he'd gone earlier with Mike's brother. I found him about a block away standing in the middle of the road looking really worried. If he'd gone just a little farther he would have found the park.

~After dinner I was getting the jammies out so Will took off his clothes. He then proceeded to the kitchen sink where I had a pot of water soaking. He threw in Sam's socks. And some scissors. And the cookie cutters. And the ShamWow. And some toys. And some kitchen utensils. And I'm sure some other stuff too that I'm probably blocking from my memory because it's just too painful.

~After I took the top picture, Will came out of his room wearing only the soccer shirt and shin guards. He said, "Mom, I'm naked." Finally, after putting him in jammies and back to bed again, he went to sleep. At 10:00. Two hours after the first attempt.

Will is definitely going through a challenging stage! Add into the mix hitting and spitting, and it's a pretty average day!