Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stroller Giveaway

I found this great giveaway at I Never Grew Up for a double looks fabulous. I still don't have one, but I'll need one in less than a month. Will and his sister will be 20 months apart, so I'll need more than my single stroller. Isn't it pretty? I would so love to have this, so please don't enter this giveaway. :) Bumbleride's website has more information on this, if you're interested. I really want it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously, I Almost Cried

Our first car that we bought together, all the way back in January 2003. Isn't she pretty? We shared a car forever (at least it seemed that long), and then we bought this pearl. Still runs like a champ. My first stick shift. We brought Sam home from the hospital in it. I've puked in it at least 5 times. It was our first major purchase (other than our condo). And now it's gone. After 3 stinking hours on yesterday, someone called and test drove it. Then last night someone else test drove it. He was pretty much set to buy it. First thing this morning the first guy called and said he got the money, and he really wanted it (because he knew the other guy was going to buy it today). I loved this car, so I made Mike promise to tell him to be good to my baby, because I really didn't want to give it up. Not only did he give Mike the money today, but a loaf of Great Harvest Honey Wheat Bread. It helps a little, but I'm still sad. Why is it harder for me to sell a car than buy one? Seems a little backward. Maybe next time we'll ask way more than blue book instead of just more than blue book (but still less than half of what we paid 6 years ago). I'll be okay. In time.

On a brighter note, now we'll have plenty of money to pay for the termite control that we just found out we need. And the water damage. That will have to get fixed too. Unrelated to the pest problem. We may not actually have termites right now (the damage may have been years ago, before we bought the house). Only way to find out is to rip the wall off and have a look. And it just happens to be in the room that we were going to move Sam and Will into. If there is live activity we'll have to get it treated anyway, so we think we just leave the wall in place and have it done. I'll be okay. In time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We had such a great Christmas! We had a bunch of family parties (especially on Christmas Eve!) and fun stuff, but as soon as we'd get somewhere I'd sit down and think My camera is all the way over in my purse, guess we're not getting any pictures! I just need something more to motivate me when I'm pregnant. Christmas Eve ended being such a late night that the boys let us sleep in until 9:00! Best Christmas present a parent can get.

This was the first year Sam really cared about what was going on, so we had a lot of fun with it all month. We had an advent calendar, and he loved checking it every day for a new activity or treat. Every day, "Mom, what number day is it?"

Will liked my new kitchen gadgets almost as much as I did.

Will loves to wear shoes, and his very favorite present ended up being these little bear slippers. He wears them all the time...we hardly even put him in shoes anymore.
The boys got a lot of balls and trucks, and Sam got lots of board games. He's huge into board games right now, so it was easy to find lots of stuff he'd love. They were so easy to shop for this year, but I guess that's because we didn't ask them what they wanted. I think he was sad there wasn't a Sharp Tooth (the T Rex on The Land Before Time), but he got over it.
And thanks to everyone for all the fun, cute Christmas cards! Every year I say I'll do one, and every year I don't. Next year for sure! :)

December Randomness

Will found the vampire teeth from Halloween. He loved them, but came to me every 15 seconds to help him put them back in because they were too big for his mouth. He also loves his rocking horse lately. A couple of times when it was too quiet (almost always bad) I went looking for him and found him alone in the living room rocking away.

Will raided a cupboard and the dishwasher while I was making dinner. He always grabs two table knives out of the for him, one for Sam. He still loves to sword fight! Sam was on the computer though, so he walked around in his mini loaf pan shoes carrying his knives.

Sam made a gingerbread house at preschool, and Will ate it. Sam didn't really care about eating it, but Will (aka Sugar-holic) couldn't get enough.

Someone gave us tickets to see a special Christmas music concert at Abravanel Hall. Mike was working, so we took the Fishers instead! We rode TRAX down, which was awesome for Sam. He isn't really obsessed with trains anymore, but he still loves them.

I looked down at Will just as Katie took our picture.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Helper

Will likes to help me in the kitchen. Sometimes it all goes on the floor, sometimes it all goes in the sink. I'm not sure which I prefer. He cleaned out all the water bottles from the drawer. I'm starting to think we have too many.

If we forget to lock the cupboard he'll clear that out too. Plus he brings in as many toys as he can carry. This kid can destroy any room in seconds. So fun.

Sam's preschool teacher had a little social for all the kids and their parents. They sang a bunch of songs and then we had treats. She had a present for all the kids, and a present for the parents (see below). We love Miss Chris! She has a very gentle, quiet voice that she's probably never raised, and she seems to have the patience of Job. Perfect for preschoolers!

Awesome Deals

I was pretty excited about this one. I got all this stuff for $10, but take away the salt, baking soda and apples, and I paid $4 for everything else. They were having some super sale, plus I had coupons for everything, so I got a bunch of stuff for free. I love free! And I love It's more than just grocery deals too.

Just Look at that Face!

Isn't she cute? Ha ha. She has half of her face covered up anyway. Mike didn't think it was very funny when I told him she looked just like him. I had to go have an ultrasound this morning because my doctor was afraid she might not be growing enough. It was all good news though, she looks healthy and is a very average size. She's about 5 lbs 3 oz right now. I hadn't grown much since my last appointment, but that's because her head is so incredibly low in my pelvis that he was probably measuring from her chin instead of the top of her head. The doctor today said that when babies are super low like that they usually come early, so I should pack a bag just to have ready. And not wait to get to the hospital once my contractions start. This is all sounding very familiar... Will was the same way, only he didn't come early. Well, one day, but I don't think that really counts. Maybe this time if we make a big enough scene at labor and delivery they'll admit me and get me an epidural. They should have admitted me right away with Will (I mean really, I was dilated to a 3 having contractions every minute and a half). I'm just glad they got me to a delivery room before he came. Not by much though.

Mike and I went to breakfast after the ultrasound since his hours now are 12-5! Except when it snows, and then he's usually gone for about 12 hours with plowing and work. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day like that (since it's 19 degrees and snowing right now).

Yay for healthy babies!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where does the day go?

I wish I had more time to blog. I shouldn't even be now, but the boys are in bed and Mike is next door watching football. It's nice and quiet. I should be doing my two miles on the treadmill*, or embroidering, or cleaning, or putting Christmas decorations away, or getting ready for bed, or a million other things I need to do. I'll just put a couple of pictures on and try to catch up later (ha!).

The other day Sam found my camera and had a big old photo shoot. He took pictures of everything, but I like these two a lot because he was so funny about them. "Smile! Keep smiling!" He kept asking me what he should take pictures of. We've got lots of the computer, kitchen stools, Will's high chair, stuff on the floor, stuff on the counter...whatever Sam could see from his chair. The one of Will is pretty decent, especially considering it came from a 4 year old.

I'm about 7 months pregnant in this picture. Now I'm around 7 1/2 (a little more).

*For the last 6 or 7 weeks I've been doing 2 miles a day 5 times a week on the treadmill (so glad our neighbor was moving and didn't want it!). I usually do it in the morning before the kids are up (or at least before Mike leaves for work so he can get them up), but Mike left at 6:00 this morning to go plow, and I was so tired that I didn't move until I heard Will playing in his crib. At 8:30. We were up late (again) last night, partly because of the Sugar Bowl. Go Utes! It was an awesome first half, although I'm not sure if Will will ever forgive Doug for freaking him out and making him cry. Doug was just excited, but I think Will thought he was getting yelled at. My favorite was when Will would raise both hands as high as he could, look up, and start cheering/yelling. There were a bunch of other kids around so we didn't see Sam the whole night, and once Will warmed up (to new people/place) he just played with the four other 1 year olds.