Monday, May 2, 2011

Easterish Fun at Wheeler Farm

We went to Wheeler Farm the day before Easter.  We were going to meet a cousin there, but it ended up just being us.  First thing was pictures with the scary looking Easter bunny.  I put 4 pictures in because of how funny Molly is.  She wasn't too sure, but I think when she decided that if her brothers were okay with creepy bunny, then she was too.

We looked at all the animals and Molly was adorable, making all the animal noises she's been practicing.

We stopped for a snack before checking out the "carnival."  I made them do all the free stuff first.

I love this kid's face!

This was Mike's jacket when he was little!  

I let the kids pick one inflatable.  Molly didn't last long, but I think the boys got my money's worth!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cute Babies

Sam and Will were outside on one of the days that it actually wasn't raining or snowing, and Sam came in and started poking around the kitchen.  Will came in a minute later and Sam rushed over to him saying, "Just go back outside, I'll bring it to you!"  Apparently Will ordered a drink, so Sam got the Spiderman cups and a bottle of powerade, and they went back out to enjoy it together.  :)

Molly brought a rock in from outside, named it Baby Rock, and pushed it all around the house in her doll stroller!  She was so happy with herself!  And the reason she's wearing a dress over her shirt is because she woke up from her nap and demanded "a dress, a dress!"

More Easteriness

Sam was so excited about his new Spy Gear walkie talkies (that only work if they're in the same room) that we had to get a picture with one.

 And then all of our other attempts at a picture were kind of...well, the kids were done.

 I just love this!

 Okay, I love this too!  She was done with brother kisses before they were, so she let her elbow do the talking.  She can hold definitely her own!

When we were leaving, Molly spotted some ducks and chased them through Uncle Russ & Aunt Chris's yard.