Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Emily,

It was so nice of you to let me run to Costco while you stayed at my house with my kids.  And it was so nice of you to warn me that everything Sam colored on with blue sharpie was washable.  And it was so nice of you to encourage me to enjoy my alone time running errands.  You are wonderful! 

Be sure to notice the "watches" as Sam gave one to each of them, and was very proud of them!

And if it makes you feel any better...this is what we usually do with markers!
At least this was blue magic marker.  Which doesn't actually wash off as easily as you might think.  Well, when it's on that thick.  :)

This was the day after your blue sharpie incident...I found Will sitting on my bed coloring on himself and Molly.  Amazingly, blue sharpie didn't get on anything but skin!

Thanks for being so great!
Much Love, 

P.S. Jane, I am gathering courage to start catching up on pictures since...oh, probably October.  I'll do it, I swear!  :)