Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seven Years!

Seven years ago yesterday Mike and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. I can't believe how fast it's gone! We didn't want to be out late (see how tired we both look) so we went to an 8:00 movie. We saw XMen Origins: Wolverine, and I was ready to like it a lot more than I did. I keep expecting every XMen movie to be as good as the first one, and they never are. It was pretty good, just not as good as I thought it should be. My sister and brother-in-law came over to tend. I put Molly down before we left, but they put the boys in bed and even cleaned the kitchen! I was so excited. Mike sent me a gorgeous vase of fresh-cut flowers. So fun! For Mike I gave him a foot rub and mowed the lawn. Our yard is huge, so I consider it a pretty nice gift. (I used to always mow the lawn, but I was pregnant last summer so I didn't do anything in the yard...I was too busy trying to nap away the nausea)

I feel so lucky (and so blessed) to have such a great husband! Mike is so good to me, and even at the height of his May craziness at work, he still thinks to send me flowers. I've heard Dr. Laura give some really good marriage advice in 4 simple words: Choose Wisely, Treat Kindly. I definitely chose wisely, so I'm half way there!

Molly's Announcement

I was going to scan Molly's announcement and post it a long time ago, but my scanner went funny and wouldn't scan. So I took a picture and still never posted it. I thought it turned out really fun.

I love Les

I took the kids to the Farnsworth Farm Spring Festival this morning and we had lots of fun! Sam got his face painted, jumped in a bounce house, played lots of games, and we all got to go on a hay ride! Will was content to watch from my arms, and Molly slept the whole time in the stroller. We even bought some apples and taffy, kettle corn, and cotton candy. Which turned into lunch. Pictures coming soon.
On the way home I stopped by a yard sale. I didn't buy anything, but I'm pretty sure that's where I picked up the screw in my tire. I was getting the kids out of the car when we got home, and I noticed a sickening hissing sound. I looked down and there it was...a shiny, sharp screw, peacefully embedded in my tire. And letting air escape. I called Mike in a panic, as if he could do anything from work. We talked for a second, and then I started calling tire places to see how much they charged for a flat tire repair. The first place was $18.50, the second was $15, and then I remembered Les Schwab. I had a flat tire repaired there once (before I had kids) and they didn't charge me anything. I didn't expect it to be free this time, but I was relieved when they said it was $12.50. I drove straight there, and they took my car right in and had it done in about 10 minutes. And then my favorite part...they didn't charge me anything! They didn't say why, but they probably felt sorry for me. I had all three kids and I'm sure we looked pretty pathetic. Either way, yay for Les Schwab!! They're my heroes for today! Oh, yeah. And Will passed out as we were leaving.

The boys were eating a snack as I was typing this, and out of nowhere Sam said, "Guess what rule #1 at the beach is? Cats are not allowed! Guess what rule #2 is? Dogs are excellent swimmers! Invite as many as you want!" I'm sure it came from a PBS kids show.
Update: Mike just informed me that it came from Martha Speaks.

Some Fun

I have to leave the sliding glass door open while Will is awake, otherwise he gets really mad. I can't even close the screen door, so we allow bugs free access to our kitchen. Sweet. I went out to check on him yesterday and he was hard at work mowing the lawn. It was so cute!

Sometimes the boys like to go out in the garage to ride their bikes. This time they went out and got in the stroller. When I checked on them I said, "Hey, where are you guys?" Sam replied, "We're here in this stroller for two people. Are you going to take our picture?"

Will makes me nuts. He rarely sits for longer than 5 minutes. He likes to stand to eat. Maybe it aids in digestion? He used to just stand in his seat, but we've move on to standing on the tray.

Last Saturday we went to Tracy Aviary for the Urban Bird Festival. They had a photographer there, so I got a pic with all the kids, but they still haven't emailed it to me. I also took the kids to the zoo last week (all of this by myself). I think I may have the hang of this 3-kids thing. Today we're going to some spring festival at a farm that's close to our house (that I'd never heard of until last night). Should be fun!

Sam loves the comics as much as Mike. Last Sunday he propped them up in front of his breakfast. I used to do the same thing with books when I was little.

Sam and his amazing preschool teacher Miss Chris. Preschool ends this month. :( Sam LOVES preschool (as do I), so we're going to be doing lots of playgroup trading this summer. Next year he'll go to preschool 3 times a week. He won't be starting kindergarten because he missed the cutoff by a day. It's so hard to know if it's better to be the very oldest or the very youngest, but since he's on the younger side of the cutoff, the school system decided for us. And this way he can drive and date the same year as his friends in his grade.
Oh, so Miss Chris does parent-teacher conferences, programs, and even field trips! This was their "Under the Sea" program. Sam did awesome with his part. I wish I would have started recording 2 seconds earlier. He grabbed the microphone and said, "I can do this!" before he began. I think he also had all the other kids' parts memorized.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today's conversation in the car

Sam: My favorite teeth are my canines. They're my vampire teeth!
Mom: Oh! Where did you learn that?
Sam: Sid the Science Kid!
Mom: Hmm, okay.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Name

Sam always has a new name for himself. Punching Tiger Man, Punching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fire Breathe, Xsam, and most recently, Monster Man. The other day Sam was sitting at the counter writing a note and he put his "name". I looked at what he'd written and I saw:
Except for subbing the N's for M's, it's phonetically correct. Pretty smart for a 4 year old!

Before I Forget...

A few weeks ago I was getting the boys ready for their bath. I had Will down to his diaper, and as the tub was filling I went in the kitchen to get something. Will came running in stark naked, and Sam came running behind him yelling, "Mom, there's a poopy diaper in the sink!!" I ran into the bathroom, and to my horror, there was indeed a poopy diaper in the sink. Amazingly, it remained self-contained and all I had to do was pick it up, throw it away, and wash the sink. We have since learned that Will cannot be trusted, and he always wears a onesie.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thanks Sam

Sam was nice enough to offer to take some pictures of Molly and me. Or he took the camera and just started shooting. And I just realized that this is the first picture I've posted of my hair since the cut. I love it. Tess is the best!

Molly's Blessing Dress

It took just over four balls of thread, and six long months. I started when I was about 6 months pregnant, and finished it an hour before the blessing. I had all the crocheting done the night before, but I finished sewing the bows on at 11:40. Church started at 12:30, so it was just by the skin of my teeth! This is the start of the fourth ball. Not even close to done.

A beautiful baby in her first white dress.
I love this little face!

I thought the finish work on the last row was a little unspectacular, especially since that one row took FOUR hours to complete. Most of the rows took about an hour on average. I haven't counted the rows on the dress, but I'm sure it's more than 100.

I didn't make these, but I was so excited to find crocheted booties!! I love them.

The blessing was wonderful. Molly was blessed by her daddy, and it was beautiful! We had a great day with our family and friends in honor of this special and important occasion. We love our Molly Grace!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

'Bout Time

I'm going to actually put forth some blogging effort, but just a little. I still have a lesson to prepare for Sunday, which I should be doing right now (or finishing my embroidery). Either way, here are a few pics. Normal bedtime chaos.

Will likes to take his socks off his feet and put them on his hands. This particular time he felt the need to finish his banana bread with his sock hands. Such a gross kid.

We got a new bed! We got a great deal on it, and we love it!! We've had just a bed frame all these years, so we feel like we're growing up...real furniture!