Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ksenia's Birthday Fun!

Our cute cousin Ksenia had her birthday party at a bounce house called Jumpin' Jack's. The boys LOVED it. If you have never taken your kids to a bounce place...DO! They run and play hard the whole time. And then they go to bed early, like a dream. It's pure genius.

Nothin' like a little (okay, a lot!) of sugar for some quick energy!

Sam makes a new best friend everywhere he goes, and it's almost always a girl! I love seeing who he picks to hang out with. (And yes, the girls are always really cute. He has a good eye!) He doesn't ever bother learning their names, but eventually I'll break him of that habit. Hopefully by the time he's dating!

Molly loved to bounce too! I had to hold her for two straight hours (the drawback of Daddy working retail--not around on Saturdays), but we had so much fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helmet Love

Will loves his accessories. Always has. He especially loves his helmet, and for a couple of weeks wore it all the time, everywhere we went (which actually came in handy a few times!). We finally had to just take it and hide it, which resulted in Will passing out at the top of the stairs. He fell towards the wall instead of the stairs, but that gave a us a HUGE scare. (When Will passes out it's because he can't start breathing again when he starts crying really hard. It's not something he can do on purpose, so we just have to deal with it when it happens. Since he doesn't pass out right away, he can walk until he finally faints. We never know when it will happen, so that's how Will got to be by the stairs as he was passing out. He was following Mike with the helmet, and I didn't realize he was passing out until just before it happened. I couldn't run quite fast enough to catch him. Sad.) We haven't given his helmet back since.


My sister sent me an email with a link to some page that sprouted flowers every time you clicked the mouse. The boys loved it. Sam was having his turn, and the next time I turned around I saw this. Sharing a chair with their arms around each other, making flowers appear. I love these boys!

Silly Kids

I just like this picture, they all look so goofy!

The Evolution of a Bucket of Cookies

We got home late one night, and I set Molly down on the kitchen floor to go in another room to get jammies or something. When I came back into the kitchen, Will had grabbed the cookies and they were both sitting on the floor like this.

Ha ha, very funny. But no time to end the feast, must continue on with bedtime preparation.

The next time I come in the kitchen I found three little monkeys stuffing their faces.

I took Molly to put her pj's on and when I came back Will had dumped all the cookies and was stomping on some of them.

And this, my friends, is why I vacuum every day. Every single day. What would we do without Will? :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sad Little Baby

Will loves this play-doh that I made (using kool-aid, so it smelled pretty too). He took the whole ball, held it in his arms, and told me, "This is my baby!" Then he ran into the room where Mike was, threw it on the ground, and started stomping on it. He'd pick it up, smash it back together, and then throw and stomp. He repeated several times, all the while thinking it was hilarious to play with his baby. What are we going to do with him?!

I can't believe how busy things have been! I thought life would slow down when winter started, and now it's almost over. I'm still wondering if it will ever settle down down! I have a lot of catching up to do, so here's a random sampling of a few things.

Molly Grace and her amazing great-grandmother Mavis...but we call her Grandma Tigger.

Unfortunately Molly was already over an hour past her bedtime, and in no mood to cooperate for pictures. Even when she's sad (which doesn't happen often), she's still so cute! We were at a baby shower for Emily and sweet baby Henri (brown outfit). Baby Joseph (left) came 5 weeks early, otherwise all three babies (Alice is on the right) would have been born within a week or two of each other. We love babies in the Clayton family!!

I think she was wishing for more hands at this point!

This child will be the death of us.

As you can see, Will proceeded to remove his diaper (I have more pics but no time to make them internet appropriate). He put his shoes and gloves back on and ran outside in the snow. I chased him outside, but my shoes would have filled with snow if I stepped in it, so I was calling to him from as close as I could get. He laughed and took his time, giving me plenty of time to think, "I'm so glad none of the neighbors are out to see this." As soon as I was done thinking it, our neighbor behind us yelled, "You better get some clothes on him!" Awesome. Stark naked but for shoes, gloves, and hat. And he loved every second of it!