Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clayton Cousins!

All of the Clayton cousins (except, of course, for baby Hope, who isn't here yet).
8 kids + pictures = fun chaos (+ a little bit of crying).
Such cute kids. Within seconds of the cameras being put away, Will was covered in strawberries. On any given day you could have an entire meal off the front of that kid's shirt. Thank goodness for my bleach pen!
Molly looks like such a chunk, it makes me so happy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Love Chiner

Two of my good friends that I met in China came over for lunch yesterday with their kids. We had so much fun talking and reminiscing about our days in China...8 years ago! We had such good times over there, it's so fun to get together when we can (last time was three years ago). Sadly, none of our other China friends live in Utah anymore, so Gina and I were so lucky that Leah was in town this week! Look at how cute all nine of our kids are! 5 of the kids were 2 years and younger...the three of us have four babies. Gina had twins 8 months ago! Leah's baby is 2 months younger than Molly, but only one pound lighter. Such cute kids, I love it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Even More Mischief

Will's favorite pastime is sneaking yogurt out of the fridge, poking a hole through the lid with his finger, and then eating the yogurt with his finger. Under the table. Whenever the boys sneak something they always hide under the table to eat it. Funny thing is, I'm always thrilled when they eat because I can never get them to do it. Whatever works I guess!

More Mischief

This is why I always keep Molly on the counter. Will loves to share with her.

What we've caught Will feeding Molly:

  • Mint Milano Cookie
  • Chocolate
  • Sucker
  • Grape
  • Sippy Cups of Milk, Water, Juice, and today a Smoothie
  • Cracker
  • Roll

If she can survive Will's love, then I think she can survive just about anything!


That's the last time I shower after breakfast. Will is such a monkey.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cute Girl

I love this face. Her cheeks are so chubby and kissable!

This is her look that says, "Okay, I'm really tired now. Please put me in bed so I don't have to get fussy. But I'm so tired that I probably won't cry." She is the most good-natured baby ever! She only cries when she really needs something, so if I can keep on top of feedings and diapers and naps, she never cries!
Sadly, she lost a lot of her cute hair. She got the little bald spot and bald ring (which the boys never had because they lost all their hair by 2 months). It was also thinning, and getting really long on top, so I gave her a hair cut! The boys never had one until around 18 months, she got hers at 4. I shaved the sides, but I left the top and just trimmed it. It looks a ton better, but I'm still sad she didn't keep more of her hair. I hope it grows in fast.

Mr. Clean

I was standing in the kitchen making dinner. Will, looking very determined, marched into the kitchen, grabbed the dish towel hanging on the oven door, turned around and marched out. Never looked up at me. Curious, I grabbed the camera and followed him. He had spilled something, probably water or juice, onto bottom of the sliding glass door and was just cleaning up! I wish he would always do that!

Friday, June 5, 2009


With the latest computer crash (plus being so busy with the kids) I never blog anymore. So sad. Here are a few...wish I had time for more!

Will turned 2!! He's such a big boy now, and he's actually starting to care about talking. Yesterday he said, "Love you!" to Mike...twice! He won't say it to me. Yet. I'll wear him down. And make him love me. :) I think he's finally realized that if he talks he's a lot more likely to get what he wants. I'm okay with that because it's a lot easier than mind reading, which I'm not very good at.

My sister's birthday is next week, so we're celebrating again with family then. Last night we had our friends over for some grilled pizza. They were super nice and gave Will that fun truck with beach toys. I can't wait to get back to Bear Lake, and go to Huntington Beach!
Note: Transformers are cheap. We bought one for each of the boys for Will's birthday and Sam's was broken before we even opened the package. Now I have to make a special trip to Murray to exchange it. What a pain.

In Sam's prayers every night he lists everyone in our family. There's Super Fast Sam, Super Goofy Will, Workish Dad, Cute Mom, and Even Cuter Molly. I love my silly boys!

Mike had these gorgeous flowers delivered to me on our anniversary. They smelled so good, and they lasted for so long. I loved it!

Sam was giving Molly kisses. He loves his little sister, and he's so cute with her! We thought she was such a chunk, but her height and weight are in the 50th and 55th percentiles. She's about as average as it gets. It's hard for us to know because Sam was SO tall for his age that he always looked skinny (even though he was usually around the 75th percentile for weight), and Will was skinny (which I attribute to the reflux. Poor kid couldn't eat very much before he started screaming in pain, and then wouldn't eat anymore. He's finally starting to fill out, and now he's back up to the 35th percentile for weight.) It's fun to have a chubby baby, I always wanted one!

I actually paid for this. Sam wanted to be a monster, but the guy that did it was just filling in because the other face painter had to leave. When I was pulling out the money the guy said, "Now was that one dollar, or two?" I told him it was just one. I don't think he should have charged me at all for that. His intentions were good, but the results weren't. At least Sam thought it was cool! This was at the spring festival last month at a farm by our house.