Monday, December 5, 2011

This Just Makes Me Smile!


The boys had lots of fun halloween art from school this year.  They know they get to put all their stuff on the wall for everyone to enjoy...and then I get to recycle it.  :)

Molly fell asleep on the floor.  Under Sam's feet.  Between the stool and the bar.  I guess she was pretty tired!

I have no idea how Will (4 years old) managed to get this's a 3 month snow suit!  

Molly figured out how to climb in and out of the she ended up on the floor a few times.  After she managed to completely trash her room.  I got pretty tired of putting her toys and clips away every day!  So glad she's in a princess bed now!

Our little family!


The only thing I took pictures of on Thanksgiving was people holding Jake.  And only two at that.  We had dinner with the Foutzes, and then we visited the Claytons since we had cousins here from out of town. But no pictures, so just imagine how much fun we had.  :)

Clearly, Melissa enjoyed this much more than Jake did.  :)

Elizabeth thought it was fun to hold him for about 5 seconds.  Which is actually pretty good for a 2 year old!

First Bath!

Jake had his first big boy bath at 3 weeks.  Because it took 3 loooong weeks for his cord stump to fall off.  I think Molly asked me 10 times a day what was in his belly button.  She also used to ask me 10 times a day, "Mommy, what are lion names?"  Meaning what are the names of the lion cubs in the Lion King book that I love.

He didn't cry, but he didn't love it much.  

Love this little boy!

Jake's Other Mom

Baby Jakie is so lucky to have two moms!  Molly loves to hold him and give him his binky.  I love the progression.
She was holding his binky in (notice how serious this is...she actually took her own binky out to concentrate on Jake!).

She was enjoying herself...don't think Jake was!

Success!  Binky in and no crying.  What a good mommy!

Finishing Halloween...

4 kids is busy, to say the least.  Besides all the usual kid stuff, I decided to completely redo the boys' old room for Molly.  With a one week old baby.  Sane?  Probably not.  Every surface was repainted...SO many times.  Between the previous owners and our boys, the walls were pretty trashed (mostly from the previous owners, honestly).  I think I filled hundreds of tiny holes.  Who staples stuff to the wall, seriously?!  We were so eager to move in initially that we just never got around to painting it for Sam.  Oops.  Anyway, today I worked on recaulking and painting base boards in the bathroom, and next I'll be redoing a dresser I just bought for Molly.  Masochist.  That's the word to describe me!'s the rest of Halloween.  I'll post pictures of Molly's new room soon, it turned out cute!

 Sam's school parade!!  That was seriously a whole lot of effort to get there with a 2 week old baby and a 2 year old...just to see Sam for 3 seconds.  Don't get me wrong, it was worth it, look at that smile!

 We always have to trick or treat on the lane, and we got to see our fun Anderson cousins!  Will, Josh Anderson and Sam.  Cute boys!

 Aunt Chris (Josh's grandma) and Grandma Tigger were so cute with the kids!

And it's just not Halloween without our annual visit with LaRae Rasmussen!  We love LaRae, she's amazing!

The kids went trick or treating with our buddies the Nielsens.  We're so lucky to have such great friends right next door!  Mike said that Corbin called Molly his butterfly.  :)  I stayed home to pass out candy, so no pics of all the kids.  Mike and I enjoyed the 12 pounds of candy the kids got this year.  No wonder I stopped losing baby weight!