Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School!

Sam's First Day of Kindergarten!!

We always have to have the "in front of the door" picture on the first day!

He was SO excited to go!  It was freezing too.  His first day of August...and it was jacket weather.  Only in Utah.

With Haley and Dakota, waiting for the bus.

And since the bus took forever to come, I made Haley take a picture of us.  :)

Sam started jumping up and down yelling, "The bus is coming, the bus is coming!!"

His bus driver made him wave to me.  Ha ha.

My big 5 (so close to 6!) year old!  The school is about a 2 minute (maybe 1?) drive from our house, and the bus stop is next door, so it's pretty ideal for us!

These are all kids from our ward in Sam's class.  There were two more that I didn't get in the picture.  Plus a couple more that were in the afternoon class.  I'm so glad Sam had some buddies to start school with!  Skyler, Paul, Max, Sam, Jessie, & Leah.  We're lucky to have some great friends!

Look how cute they are!  

I love this face, but I also really love that Jessie (Sam's girlfriend) is behind him making the same face!  

Lining up waiting for everyone to get their name tag.  I love all the shadows of moms taking pictures.  Ha ha!

Sam and I absolutely LOVE kindergarten.  We both get a needed break, I get more individual time with Will and Molly, and he just soaks the whole experience in.  Sam loves to learn, and there's just no other place like Kindergarten!