Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're Back!

We spent a week in Huntington Beach and we finally got home yesterday (long drive). I thought I was going to be able to catch up on my blog a little while we were there, but I only got more behind. I also forgot my camera. Actually, I thought I had it because it wasn't where I keep it, but Mike put it away...on the shelf above, so I couldn't see it. I figured it was in my purse from using it during the week. I had my old one with me, but the battery died after a day and a half. Mike's parents were there for the week too, so I need to get the pictures his mom took. And I also can't find my old camera with the California pictures on it, so I'll just be catching up on old stuff until I have to leave to drive the preschool carpool.

Will is starting to be a little more touching the ceiling when Daddy holds him up. This was pretty exciting for him!

On Mike's day off a few weeks ago he went to the gym (or somewhere) during Will's naptime. He took Sam, so when Will woke up it was just the two of us. We played on the swings in the backyard...

Threw rocks in the neighbor's yard...

And no adventure would be complete without finding a spoon and flinging dirt out of the pot. This is one of Will's very favorite things to do. I think I've vacuumed enough dirt to pot up a new plant.
Will also loves to take the covers off the heat vents and put stuff in them. The day before this I took out two of Mike's work gloves, 6 pieces of chalk, and two "O"magnets from the fridge. He really loves this vent. The rocking horse is all put together now, so he'll have to find something else fun to stuff down the hole.

Will had a blast helping me unpack from our trip to St. George (marathon). He loves to climb onto stuff, but still has a hard time getting down on his own. If I hear him yelling for me from another room (Mama! Mama!) I know he's standing on something waiting for me to help.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I always try to have the house clean and dinner ready by the time Mike comes home from work. Try would be the operative word. Some days are just like this.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I found 2 more cupholders in the minivan. 14 total. We actually used a bunch of them on our trip. 6 or 7 of them. I knew some day I'd be grateful for them, I just didn't think it would come so soon!

Monday, October 6, 2008

St. George!

We spent four days in St. George for the marathon, and it was so great! My mom, sister, and brother-in-law came because Jennifer was running the marathon too! I forgot my camera though, so I borrowed Jennifer's. We had gorgeous weather the whole time we were there. Oh, except for during the race. It rained. And hailed a bit too. On the runners. The whole time. I barely remembered to grab jackets, but the boys only had sandals and I only took flip flops, so we didn't stay long. We basically found Mike and then left. We were able to find a rain jacket and umbrella (in Grandma Tigger's closet) for my poor, trooper mom. And Jennifer wore Grandma Tig's Easy Spirit shoes after the race since she didn't have anything comfortable to wear. Thank goodness for Tigger!

It was Jennifer's first marathon, and she ran it in 4:34 (I think). Not bad, especially in the rain! The rain slowed everyone down. Mike ran it in 3:24, but he thinks the rain added about ten minutes to his time. Even still, that's a great time! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Mike since I forgot the camera, but they'll email us pictures of what the marathon photogs took.

Excited for ice cream, even though it was still raining. She's a pretty die-hard health nut these days. On Sunday she made an awesome breakfast...Mickey Mouse waffles, eggs with red pepper, bacon, & orange juice. But she ate quinoa. Because she wanted to. [By the way Jennifer, email me your waffle recipe since I know you read this!]

Relaxing after the race. What a great way to watch Conference! Actually, there wasn't much watching involved, but there was a lot of chasing the boys and keeping them from maiming themselves on the many non-kid proof items in the Mulberry House. They really loved playing with the nutcrackers (the tool, not the Christmas decoration).

A rare, quiet moment. Will is like a little puppy dog now, he follows Sam everywhere, and wants to do everything he does.
Mostly this is what Will did. 2.5 seconds. Maybe faster, I wasn't timing it.
Following big brother again. It's so fun that they play together now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monkey Boy Will

Will has turned into Mr. Destructo. The house always looks like a tornado has just gone through, but it's just Will doing his thing. If I'm in the kitchen, he comes in and empties all the drawers and cupboards he can reach. If I'm getting ready in the bathroom, he comes and empties all the cupboards. If we forget to put the toilet lid down, something ends up wet. If I'm trying to organize baby clothes, he comes and throws them everywhere and then makes me put socks on him. And shoes. I know all kids do this kind of thing, but it's all he does all day. It's more fun than playing with toys. Sam was never this hard to clean up after. He also insists on feeding himself. And if I put a bib on him, he just rips it off and throws it.
I cleaned the first round of cereal out of his hair just in time for more.
When he was done giving himself an oatmeal/yogurt facial, he grabbed as much cereal as he could carry and ran around the house with it.
He was so pleased with himself.
He's also turned into a major climber. He climbs on everything. He especially loves the chalk bucket, so he figured out a way he could reach it.

Will LOVES hats and shoes. If he finds socks, he makes me put those on him too. These socks are infant socks (because I'm trying to organize the baby clothes for Little Miss Clayton). He made me put them on his feet, but they're about half the size he needs. I wasn't quite fast enough with the camera, but he was trying to put his sandal on himself. He's always trying to put Mike's running shoes and flip flops on. This kid is BUSY BUSY BUSY!

And soon I'll be even busier. I got released last night from my calling as a Mia Maid advisor, and then offered another calling. The Bishop wouldn't let me say yes or no until I'd talked it over with Mike. It's one of those callings. I haven't talked to the bishop yet, so I won't say what it is until things are a little more official, one way or the other.

Last night Mike was getting Sam ready for bed. This was the ensuing conversation:
Mike: Come on Stinker Bob, it's time to brush teeth.
Sam: My name isn't Stinker Bob!
Mike: Okay, come on Bob.
Sam: (Quite disgruntled) My name doesn't start with a B!

Yesterday we had our first turn of driving the preschool carpool. Preschool conversations are so funny, I loved just listening to them talk to each other. Sam was cute though. We had three little girls in the back of the car and as soon as we had everybody buckled, Sam turned around and said, "Is everyone okay back there?" When he was satisfied he told me we could go.