Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Really is a Deal!

I just ordered my first deal through CityDeals, and I'm excited to go out to eat for 50% off!  There are some great deals on their site, so if you've never ordered before, sign up using this link  
I'll get credit for the referral, and then you can refer all your friends and get credit too!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I love this girl!

Sometimes indecision simply means a million pictures of Molly.  Just because she's so cute!

This last one cracks me up!  I love the static hair, but what I'm really excited for is when she actually has enough hair to support more than a little clip.  I'm dying to braid it!

My Troublemakers!

Molly is potty training!
Okay, not really.  She's inherited Will's problem that I suffered through for at least a year.  Or at least it seemed like a year, but I'm sure it wasn't.  But now I'm suffering through it all over again.  Pooping in the tub!  You never know when it will happen, but all of a sudden there's madness...grabbing kids out of the tub, racing to the other bathroom to put them in the shower, finding gloves and a plastic bag.  You get the idea.  Not fun. tub stays very clean from all the bleaching I have to do!  
This was one of the last times she did it (it's been a few weeks, maybe she's outgrowing it!).  Mike caught her at the beginning so he grabbed her and put her on the toilet...and she finished going like a big girl!  She thought it was great...maybe I should start potty training her!

In case there's any confusion, Will broke an egg on my bedroom carpet.  Why?  
Because it's Will.

Lisa's Shower

I threw together a little baby shower for my good friend Lisa (who just gave birth less than 24 hours ago!!) She and her cute family just moved in at the end of April, and we have absolutely loved getting to know them.  Jessie, who is Sam's age, is also apparently the love of his life.  It kills me how cute they are together.  We do have a no-kissing rule, so they hug, hold hands, and talk about getting married...and being boyfriend & girlfriend.  I LOVE IT.  Sam has never been in love before (ha ha) and it is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen.  He is also fiercely loyal to Jessie.  It's a little strange, he's never ever acted like this with any girl before, but I guess he knows what he wants!

Jessie and Sam on their first date...a day out with Thomas!

Payton, Will, Sam & Jessie with the trains.

I had to grab my camera quick to get this shot of them running through the parking lot together.

Their first ice cream together!  (I realize there must be something wrong with me to be enjoying this so much.  But it is just so cute!)

I made Will and Molly share.

None of this is staged...or even encouraged (for the camera).  They love to be together.  I love to watch.

BUT, since this post is about Lisa's baby shower, I'll put up some pictures from our fun luncheon!

Isn't she such a cute pregnant lady?

Everyone brought their kids for some slip & sliding.  Perfect distraction for ogling baby clothes.

Ryan came running and crying and we thought he had a huge, bleeding gash in his forehead.  But it was just his popsicle.  

We got to hear some fun birth stories while Lisa opened her fun gifts.  She's never had an epidural.  She has three kids (now)!  Crazy.

I just think she's the cutest baby ever.

Me and my preggies!  I think they're so cute!  Lisa, me, & Katie.  I love these girls!


These are a few of the cousin pictures we took last week.  These girls are so adorable!  Okay, it's mostly Molly, but I still think they're fun!
Molly, Alta, Osie, & Ksenia

Ben, Osie, & Sam.  Best buds!  They had so much fun playing together and then having a sleepover at Grandma's house!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Kids

It started out simple enough...just making some bread.  I was letting it rise on the oven, which was OBVIOUSLY a big mistake on my part.  When will I learn?  I'm somewhat disgusted by Will's fondness for eating dough.  He loves it.  EVERY time I make dough he begs for some.  Gross.

And then there was the time I was cooking tortillas.  I turned my back to get something and he grabbed the WHOLE stack and started going to town.

I had to wrestle it away from a very mad little boy.

In other news, Sam lost his first tooth in July!  Probably around the 12th.  He was very pleased, and so excited for the tooth fairy to visit!  But the real question is...what do I do with the tooth?  Throw it away?  Keep it for 15 years and then throw it away?  Bronze it and pass it down for generations?

I love it.  Just kickin' it in the high chair!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Fun

We had all the Clayton cousins together  tonight for some pictures and lots of fun (screaming and running). Since the kids were all dressed up and clean, we got some shots of our family too (thanks Em!).

I really love Will's face in this picture.

We love our angel baby Molly Grace!

The luckiest guy I know.

But Daddy!  I'm a princess and I must be carried at all times!  Unless I want to walk.  Please, just read my mind!  (This was the beginning of Molly's crying segment, so offended at being put on the ground so we could take a couple of pictures.  But isn't she cute!)

There are tons of cousin pictures to post, but that will have to wait.  Oh, and the Huntington Beach trip...that will also wait.  Sorry Janers!