Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sam Turned 6!!

I made the mistake yesterday of saying Sam was 5 years old.  It's still hard for me to believe that he's six!  He is quite the adventure, we're so happy he's in our family!!
We had a few of Sam's buddies over for cake and ice cream...before we headed out to Bouncin off the Walls!  Same thing we did last year, but he wanted to do it again, so we did!  Easiest party ever.

We made them eat outside...cupcakes and ice cream cones.  No clean up.  Did I mention...easiest party ever?  My kind of party!

Sam's thoughtful and generous friends (or friends with generous parents, thanks everyone!) gave him some awesome gifts.  Sam was so excited!

Max is a great friend!

The kids always love going to the bounce house, and they're exhausted when we leave.  Perfect.  And worth the money.  (But it's really not very expensive).

Of course, Sam and Jessie had to go down the slide together!  They are so cute!

Sam is an amazingly smart kid!  He's read the first three Harry Potter books, and the only reason he hasn't read more is because we won't let him (I don't want him reading scary stuff).  He just loves reading and learning.  He's a whiz at math too!  He gives great hugs, and he loves to compliment me, especially when he can tell I'm having a hard day and need to hear something nice.  He's a total couch potato and would spend the entire days watching shows if he could!  He's still a super picky eater (which is so hard for Mom!), but he's growing up more and more every day.  We love our Sam!


My big boy Will started preschool this year!!  He has been dying to go to preschool ever since he figured out where Sam was going every other day last year.  He goes to Miss Chris just like Sam did, and we are thrilled.  She is amazing and we love her!

Always a picture by the front door!

We carpool with three friends in our neighborhood.  We're lucky to have some great buddies!  

I just love his little face.  He's such a stud!  The only problem is, he knows it.

Our buddy Payton!

Hooray for preschool!  Will loves it, I love it...everybody wins!

For Janers

My budding little photographer Will took this (and many, many more) right before Jane left for Italy.  I miss Jane.  I think I need to go to Italy to visit her!  And eat pizza and gelato.  A lot of pizza and gelato.

A Few Random Pics...

Just a few random ones before I make dinner.  Okay, it's mostly Molly.

We've had SO much fun at the U games this season!  And it's easy to ask the person behind you to take a picture when it just happens to be a cousin!  Steve Clayton and his boys were sitting in the seats exactly behind us during this game.  I believe this was the blowout against San Jose...the U won by more than 50 points.  Crazy!  We also tailgate with our good friends the Nielsens and their crew before the is a total blast!  It's a good thing we park far away...there's always so much food, we need to get as much exercise as we can!

Corbin and Molly kissed at the park!  It was so stinking cute.

Molly turns EVERYTHING into a purse.  She is totally obsessed with accessories!

She put the helmet on herself so she could ride a scooter.  This girl kills me!

These are her favorite glasses to wear!  You can tell they're hers by the clean lenses.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Miss Molly

Look!  I'm back!  I pretty much fell off the face of the earth this summer.  Blogging will resume!  I have to be fast...the kids are watching a show and Mike will be home soon, so here are a few Molly pics.
 She did her own makeup.  Or she sucked on markers.

She LOVES to eat chunks of almond bark.  And I let her since she can use all the calories she gets.  This is probably my favorite outfit.  I LOVE these shoes!  Cutest ever.

Molly is obsessed with brushing her teeth (as well as every accessory known to man, jewelry, shoes, carrying purses, and playing with my makeup).  She steals any toothbrush she can get her hands on.  I guess it's a good way to get her to brush!  I love this silly girl!

Our sweet baby girl is growing up.  Or at least growing attitude.  She's a little spitfire now!  Gone are the days of all sweet all the time.  She's still sweet most of the time, but she loves to tell us no and give us dirty looks.  It's hilarious!