Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This was as big as I could make it, so click on it to read about us!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Catching up on Pics!

 We just had our last week of playgroup this week.  This is from the summer, I'm just slow.  We were having a snack and all the kids (Ava, Sophie, Will, Owen, & Ammon) went and sat on the couch together to eat!  It was so cute.  We're going to miss our buddies, Will loves his pg friends!

A little Sunday afternoon snack on the garage steps!

Nothing Beats Waking Up Naked...

And sometimes a little soggy!  She's going through a crazy naked stage right now.  She's ALWAYS taking her clothes off.  Diaper included.  It makes me crazy!!  We have to pin her jammies so she can't unzip them, and she has to wear onesies just to keep her diaper on.  Days like today, when all the onesies are in the laundry, are super fun.  Because she hates to wear a diaper after she's used I find her running around the house naked with wet and dirty diapers in her wake!  But it's worse when she takes her diaper off and THEN decides to relieve herself.  On the carpet.  In my room.  On my pillow.  Ugh.  So much extra laundry!

But look at that sleepy good morning smile.  Almost makes the nakey stage okay.  :)

From Super Sweet...

To Seriously Sassy!

I miss the days of easy, go with the flow Molly.  But she's so fun that we'll keep her anyway!  At least on the days she naps.  Which, come to think of it, wasn't today.  She played the harmonica in her crib instead of sleeping!  Silly girl.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I just Love my little family!

Random Pics that need to get off my Desktop

Every Halloween we go to my sister's office Halloween party for lots of fun, and lots of trick or treating! They always do such cute pictures!  Will is STILL wearing that Batman costume.  As in, right now.  This very moment.  Every time I think I can put it away for the year, he begs for it.  He's so obsessed with all things Batman...which made Christmas shopping for him easy!

I love these cute faces!

All of the Clayton cousins!  This only happens once or twice a year, it's so fun when we can get all the families together!!