Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Fun

I have to leave the sliding glass door open while Will is awake, otherwise he gets really mad. I can't even close the screen door, so we allow bugs free access to our kitchen. Sweet. I went out to check on him yesterday and he was hard at work mowing the lawn. It was so cute!

Sometimes the boys like to go out in the garage to ride their bikes. This time they went out and got in the stroller. When I checked on them I said, "Hey, where are you guys?" Sam replied, "We're here in this stroller for two people. Are you going to take our picture?"

Will makes me nuts. He rarely sits for longer than 5 minutes. He likes to stand to eat. Maybe it aids in digestion? He used to just stand in his seat, but we've move on to standing on the tray.

Last Saturday we went to Tracy Aviary for the Urban Bird Festival. They had a photographer there, so I got a pic with all the kids, but they still haven't emailed it to me. I also took the kids to the zoo last week (all of this by myself). I think I may have the hang of this 3-kids thing. Today we're going to some spring festival at a farm that's close to our house (that I'd never heard of until last night). Should be fun!

Sam loves the comics as much as Mike. Last Sunday he propped them up in front of his breakfast. I used to do the same thing with books when I was little.

Sam and his amazing preschool teacher Miss Chris. Preschool ends this month. :( Sam LOVES preschool (as do I), so we're going to be doing lots of playgroup trading this summer. Next year he'll go to preschool 3 times a week. He won't be starting kindergarten because he missed the cutoff by a day. It's so hard to know if it's better to be the very oldest or the very youngest, but since he's on the younger side of the cutoff, the school system decided for us. And this way he can drive and date the same year as his friends in his grade.
Oh, so Miss Chris does parent-teacher conferences, programs, and even field trips! This was their "Under the Sea" program. Sam did awesome with his part. I wish I would have started recording 2 seconds earlier. He grabbed the microphone and said, "I can do this!" before he began. I think he also had all the other kids' parts memorized.