Wednesday, August 22, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

Mike is home, we're so happy! I celebrated by having butter on my corn on the cob. It was heavenly. I can't remember the last time I ate butter (or margarine for that matter). I await the day I can eat again. At the grocery store today I checked out the formula I would have to buy for Will. Only $25 for a tiny little can. It's more than double the price of the most expensive regular formula in the same size. There are two main reasons I'm glad I can nurse Will: 1) I don't have an extra $6,000 to spend on formula this year, 2) He won't take a bottle. I've got quite a supply of breastmilk in my freezer. I hope to use it someday...I could really use the space!

I've been asked what I can't eat, but I think it's easier to list what I can.
Approved foods: Mayo (made with canola oil), pasta, meat, fruits & veggies, some cereal, rice, rice milk, oatmeal, mustard, Brianna's poppy seed dressing, tortillas, some bread (I should just start making my own again, it would probably be easier), some bagels. Can't think of anything else off hand.
Foods I'm saddest not to eat: chocolate, milk, cheese, yogurt, arby's sauce, campbell's cream soups (for cooking), sour cream, crackers, ice cream, & milkshakes at Le Beau's (at Bear Lake). I'm also sad not to eat the mini cheesecakes I'll be making for Tami's baby shower. They look so good. I have to be a label nazi was sad to put the ginger thins back on the shelf at the store today. Stinking whey. And casein. And soy.
I might complain a lot, but I really am grateful I can nurse Will. He's such a cute baby, and happy too. He almost laughed today--an audible smile, if you will. He's also an amazing sleeper. He's only 11 weeks and he's been sleeping through the night for over a month. Some consolation for the forced diet. (I guess the other major consolation would be the weight loss...)

Will puked on me (and the couch) a couple of times today, but at least his diaper didn't leak all over the front of my shirt again. That was sad, especially since I wasn't home. We had lunch with Nana/Mama Jane, and I had to borrow a shirt. I always take extra clothes for the kids, but I've learned that I should have extras for myself too. We saw Eric and Renee for a few minutes while we were there. Soon we'll see them every day, since they'll be moving in with us in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty well stocked on cereal now (Macey's had a good sale, plus I had my coupons), so they'll have something to eat when they get here. Sam is going to love having them around, they're so fun to play with. Mike and I are excited too...built in babysitters!! Eric totally owes me for all those years of teasing. :)