Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Baby Laughs

I've been eagerly anticipating Will's first baby laugh, and it finally happened this morning!
But I missed it.
I was throwing a diaper away, so Mike was playing with Will and got him to laugh! Luckily he was able to get another laugh after I got back. He's 12 weeks old today.

Other good news: I was able to get a week's worth of internet service credited to my account (since our service doesn't work right much of the time). I was also able to get a FedEx charge reimbursed. Someone shipped something to us and forgot to specify that we wanted the very cheapest delivery. When not specified, the service defaults to priority overnight (which is roughly 10 times the cost). $6 service becomes $63.33 service. When I talked to FedEx they said there was nothing they could do...but wait. I was about to hang up when she noticed that our package did not arrive the next day (try 3 days). Since there was a delivery failure we were reimbursed the whole amount. Yay for complaining and getting something!!

Sam has asked every day for the last week to have a bath. His bath today was at 2:00...whatever makes him happy, right? I read an article online about parents who potty train from birth. Their kids never wear diapers at all. It was starting to sound appealing until I read about a mom who, when in a public place, has to take her baby into a restroom so the baby can relieve herself in the sink. Am I crazy for not wanting to wash my hands in a makeshift baby toilet? Other times she just has to deal with accidents. Less appealing.