Monday, August 27, 2007


We were out in the front yard tonight when our cute elderly neighbor Sis. Black walked by with the small dog she was dogsitting. We exchanged pleasantries with her, and then Mike said to Sam, "Is that a dog?" Sam replied, "No, it's a rat!" Mike tried to smooth the situation by saying, "No Sam, it's a little dog." "No," retorted Sam happily, "It's a rat!" The embarrassing thing was, it really did look like a rat. I was glad it wasn't her chihuahua. Before she walked away she asked if Sam was tall for his age. I said yes and she asked if he was 4. Nope...almost 3.


Kimbur Foutz said...

Yeah you're one of us now!

Stephanie said...

the funny thing about that is that in baltimore they really are rats not cats/dogs. a couple days ago we were sitting on our back steps and a rat ran into the neighbors backyard from the alley. luke says, mom, we have a rat in our city.