Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hee Haw Farms

We went down to a little farm in Pleasant Grove with a group of neighborhood friends.  It looked a little deserted when we got there, but it turned out to be really fun!

They rode the little animal train.  Molly's favorite thing by far, she screamed every time I took her out.

The boys also loved the giant, dirty slide.

Some random horse tire swing.

Feeding the goats was an adventure.  Or getting out of the goat pen without the goats was an adventure.

Molly loved the animals!

We started giving the kids pony rides ourselves until help from the farm came (we didn't know).  I was standing too close to the pony and it bit my arm when I had my back turned!  FYI, ponies bite hard.

The tractor ride was lots of fun too!  The weather was perfect, the kids were good, and there were lots of fun activities.  Pretty good for one of the only days this spring that it didn't rain!


Sam wanted to write a letter to Jessie Palmer and deliver it to her mailbox in a disguise so no one would know who put it there.  I really love the look he came up with!  (I also love that he put it in her mailbox, rang the doorbell, and then let me chat with Lisa after she answered the door.  But Jessie never knew!)

Not to be outdone, Molly colored all over her face with black marker.  At least it was washable!

Cookie Chaser

Sam and I did a 2k fun run with Osie and Laura.  We had 8 inches of snow when we woke up that morning, but there was less in Riverton, so we still did it!  We got up early and bundled up, so I look super pretty.

Posing just before the start of the race.  Sam is a ninja.  Osie is a princess.  Pretty sure they were born that way!

I love that they're buds!

Another unflattering picture of me, but it was cold!  I wore my ugly green sweats...and no one looks good with a blue t-shirt over a brown coat.  No one.  Okay, so Sam isn't even wearing a coat, but he's impervious to cold like his father.  I hope Sam and I can do lots of races together in the future...when I'm not pregnant...and it's not snowing...and I'm in better shape!

The "activities" touted on the website.  They made it sound like a grandiose, amazing kid area.  It was bean bag toss.  Don't get me wrong, they loved it, but it was a pretty big letdown for the adults.  We laughed about it for a while.  I believe the website called it the "Kiddie Corral" for parents who were also running the 5k.  Um...not so much.

I think the best part of the morning was our amazing realization.  Girl Scouts=Cookies, right?  This was a Girl Scout fundraiser.  However, there were no girl scout cookies ANYWHERE!!  So the organizers provided Costco cookies and fruit to the runners.  Costco cookies!  Laura asked one of the organizers if they were selling girl scout cookies and she said, "No, but that's a really good idea.  I'll suggest that for next year."  Um...okay.  All in all, it was a fun morning with our cousin!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sam really wanted to make jello jigglers (for some reason) so we tried it out!  He actually ate it, which totally blew me away, but once the boys had their fill, they squished it into mush.  Which would have been fine if it hadn't ended up all over their clothes.  And the tablecloth.  And their hair.  And the wall (including where I can't reach).  And the bathroom.  And the carpet.  And the balusters.  And the kitchen.  And pretty much anywhere jigglers just don't belong.

We may not try it again for a while, but they sure had fun!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nakie Babies

Will and Molly love to be naked.  Especially Molly.  She strips down to nothing on a regular, sometimes daily, basis.  Sometimes she keeps her diaper on, which is always cause for celebration for me!  We've had some amazingly disgusting experiences when she sheds her diaper too.  :)

We found all the kids jumping in the play pen.  Amazingly, it remained in one piece.  

Molly was my good helper folding the laundry!  Laundry.  Bleh.  I can't wait until I can make the kids do their own.  

"Mommy, egg!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will is 4!!

Will turned 4 on June 4th!!  He had three different parties, it was a fun week!
I didn't get any pictures at our birthday/goodbye to Emily & Charles party, but our Clayton family parties are always so fun!

For our little family party we had presents (the favorite was, of course, Batman!), cake & ice cream, and a movie night!  We watched Tangled, and the boys actually love it!  We have a tradition of giving all the kids a present for each birthday, so this time around they all got fun new chairs.  Sam calls his a "Hollywood chair."  We call it a camp chair.  :)

Molly loves her monkey chair!  She loves anything with monkeys on it, and it definitely fits her personality.

We had a little water party with Will's neighborhood friends.  14 or 15 kids came, but I was so busy getting all the kids (and myself) fed (okay, and talking to the mom helpers who offered to stay) that I forgot to take any pictures until the very end.  We have some awesome friends, I'm so glad they could all come!

The kids had fun, the moms had fun, and there was very little fighting over the birthday presents.  All in all, I'd say it was a great success!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A little bit of randomness

So many pictures to post, but lots of laundry to do (and I have to clean up before the babysitter comes tonight!), so just a few pics today.  Mostly because if I have to look at that ugly easter bunny one more time, I'll gouge my eyes out!

 Will's last day of preschool with Miss Chris!  I just had to let him wear his Batman shirt on the last day...because our usual morning would consist of him putting it on and me telling him he had to take it off because he wasn't allowed to wear it to preschool.  Ya, it's a 2T.  He has other Batman shirts, but this one is his favorite!

 We love our carpool group, we have awesome neighborhood friends!  Will, Payton & Gemma (and hopefully Lexi!) will be in the same class next year too.  Can't wait!

 Molly is the ultimate girly girl.  Today we were doing animal sounds, and for the last one I said, "What does Molly say?"  She thought for one second, then said, "PINK!"  I love my Molly!  This was the day she put on as many headbands as she could fit on her head.  This is about half of them...maybe.  I think I have a little girl accessory addiction!  At least she loves it.  :)

Will and Molly decided to help me out by "doing the dishes."  When I came into the kitchen they had just finished throwing several cups of water on the floor, 1/4 cup at a time (they were playing with my measuring cups).  I told them they had to clean it up, so Will got out every clean dishtowel, threw them all on the floor, and left.  Perfect.