Monday, November 3, 2008


This is pretty much how Halloween went this year. Will running around like crazy. He was Batman, but he couldn't wear the pants because they were 5 inches too long. That was only weird because the shirt fit fine.

We made a stop at Grandma's to say hi, and then had to go see LaRae. It just isn't Halloween if we don't visit LaRae. Mike's known her his whole life (she lives up the street from his parents). She's so sweet, she makes you feel like she's your grandma. Mike doesn't even go with us (because he's still at work), but she's always thrilled when we come. I love this lady!

We went trick-or-treating with Osie (Sam's cousin) and Ryan this year. It was rainy, I was exhausted, and Will was a little monkey the whole time. But I did my yearly duty. I've taken the kids out every year because of various reasons, so I'm hoping next year it's Mike's turn.

The kids loved the vampire teeth. A lot.

Mike was Mr. Clean, and Will thought the earring was hilarious. Probably one of my favorite costumes ever. I just really love this picture. The hand...the neck...the's all so fitting.